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Texas Marijuana Doctor Locations

Medical Marijuana Telemedicine Appointments Now Available

Texas Marijuana Card makes it easy for qualifying patients to access medical marijuana across Texas via telemedicine appointments. The process is simple! Our online platform provides an easy and convenient way for you to meet with our doctors and receive a medical marijuana prescription.  

Telemedicine for Medical Marijuana in Texas

Our telemedicine platform allows patients to get approved by a certified doctor through video conference. We use a HIPAA compliant video conferencing software that is incredibly easy to use. You don't even need a computer, as the platform can be accessed on a smartphone web browser! 

How Telemedicine Works

After booking your appointment online, or by calling us at (833) 781-5630 we will send a patient intake form to your email address. In the intake form, you will have an opportunity to share your medical history and other information the doctor will need prior to issuing a medical marijuana recommendation. Once you have completed the intake form, and we have a copy of your current, state-issued ID, you will be all set for your appointment!


Your Virtual Appointment

The day of your appointment, you will receive a link to access the virtual waiting room. The link can be accessed on a computer or smartphone. When the doctor is ready to see you, they will begin your video conference. Finally, after the doctor speaks with you and confirms your medical condition, you will receive your prescription for medical marijuana.  

After your appointment, you will be registered with the Texas Medical Marijuana Program and receive your medical marijuana prescription. With the marijuana prescription in hand, you'll have the ability to get your medicine at Texas medical marijuana dispensaries.

Texas Medical Marijuana Doctors Near Me

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Get a Texas Marijuana Prescription Today!

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