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Get Approved for Your
Medical Marijuana Prescription

The doctors and staff at Texas Marijuana Card are here to make the process of obtaining your medical marijuana prescription simple and stress-free.

We are not currently seeing new patients. If you are a previous patient and need support, email us at

Schedule an Appointment for a Medical Marijuana Prescription

Why Choose Texas Marijuana Card?

  • Telemedicine appointments are available, so you can get approved for your Texas medical marijuana prescription online, from your own home!
  • No hidden fees or unnecessary follow-up appointments. We make getting your medical marijuana prescription simple
  • All marijuana doctors are licensed physicians, certified by the state to recommend medical cannabis in person or online
  • Discounts are available for veterans and SSDI/SSI

Get a Texas Medical Marijuana Prescription Online Today!

We offer telemedicine appointments to fit your busy schedule! When you have your medical marijuana evaluation online, you get the same caring attention that our patients get when they meet us in person without ever leaving the comfort of your own home!


How to Qualify for Medical Marijuana 

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