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Can You Donate Plasma If You Smoke Marijuana? 2023 Guide to Cannabis Use & Donating Blood

If you are a habitual cannabis consumer, one of the pressing questions you need answers to is whether you can donate plasma. Is your plasma safe for the patient? What will be the repercussion if you donate plasma if you smoke marijuana? Several answers concerning this subject make it difficult to know which one is right.

This guide is your way to clarity concerning this issue. This guide will clarify the rules and regulations guiding plasma donation in every center, the effect of marijuana on the plasma, and tips to decide what’s best for your health. Also, this article will discuss how you can still give back in case plasma donation fails.

The Regulations Guiding Plasma Donation

The rules and regulations guiding plasma donation are essential to keep recipients and donors alive. Once you know the rules, you can decide whether you are qualified to donate plasma. Every donation center has unique rules and regulations to guide you to know what to do next.

As a cannabis user, you can donate plasma; however, you should not donate if you have recently consumed the substance. Proximity is essential; do not attempt to donate plasma if you used marijuana yesterday or 12 hours ago. Be truthful about this for your sake and the patients.

The fact is that not every organization conducts drug tests to detect THC or cannabinoids in the plasma. For instance, The American Red Cross does not conduct drug tests, but always stresses the importance of not volunteering yourself for donations close to when you just consumed cannabis.

According to American Red Cross, you should not donate plasma if you consume synthetic marijuana. The reason they gave is that synthetic cannabis contains anticoagulants which may negatively affect your plasma and render it unsafe for the patient.

Also, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States has set up some regulations that every donation center must follow, and those rules include a restriction against some sets of people using specific drugs.

Although many states in the US have legalized the consumption of cannabis for recreational and medicinal purposes, federal law still renders it an illegal substance. Due to this, many plasma donation centers always prohibit marijuana users from donating plasma.

Cannabis Use and Plasma Donation

If you read this guide to this point, the question on your mind right now would be about the relationship between cannabis use and a plasma donation. How does cannabis affect the state of your plasma? For starters, marijuana use can change your blood temperature, heart rate, and blood flow, which may, in turn, alter your plasma quality and make it unhealthy for the patient.

The responsibility of the donation center is to ensure that the donation goes well, the plasma is healthy, the donor is well after the process, and the recipient is safe too. Everyone must adhere to the rules and regulations before and after donation to ensure this.

Honesty is another essential factor in cases like this. When you arrive at the donation center, you must discuss every detail of your marijuana consumption with the doctor. The details should include the last time you took cannabis and the type of cannabis you used. With this information, the doctor will decide whether you can donate.

Professionals are still researching to describe the effect of cannabis usage on plasma donation specifically; however, until then, it is imperative to be careful.

Rules for Donating Plasma While Using Cannabis

Donating plasma while using cannabis requires careful planning and execution to avoid complications before and after donation. Taking all these precautions will keep both the donor and recipients safe. If you are a cannabis user aspiring to donate plasma, the first thing is to familiarize yourself with the requirements of the donation center.

Some donation centers warn donors to abstain from marijuana 24 to 72 hours before and after donation. In addition, the effect of cannabis on the plasma depends on the individual; while some experience dizziness, others may feel a little bit light-headed or feel a drop in blood temperature/pressure.

Telling the medical experts how you feel will make the donation process easy.

If not plasma, what else?If cannabis consumption disqualifies you from plasma donation, how else can you give back to your community? The good news is that there are other ways you can influence your society positively.

If cannabis usage has disqualified you from plasma donation, you can donate your blood instead, as it’s the same process as a plasma donation. Also, you can volunteer to join some organizations researching plasma donations regarding cannabis users.

How Marijuana Use Affects Plasma Donation

It is essential that you carefully study how marijuana intake affects your system before you opt to donate. Professionals have not yet finished their research on the long-term impact of cannabis use on your plasma; however, the short-term effect includes reduced/decreased blood pressure, abnormal heart rate, and reduced reaction duration.

In addition, chronic cannabis users can suffer lung diseases that make them ineligible to donate plasma due to poor health conditions. Also, marijuana use can affect your plasma quality, making it unhealthy for the patient. To be eligible for a donation, discuss your cannabis usage activity with an expert and let them decide the next step.

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