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Texas Gets Closer to Expanded Medical Marijuana Program

Texans are Hoping For More Reasons to Celebrate a Robust Medical Marijuana Program in the Near Future

Texans are one step closer to legally getting access to the natural relief that medical marijuana provides, after a vote by the Texas House Public Health Committee to move HB 1535 to the Calendars Committee for a debate and vote by the Texas House of Representatives.

HB 1535, authored by Chairwoman Stephanie Click, calls for the Texas medical marijuana program to be expanded. As of right now, the Compassionate Use Program only allows people diagnosed with epilepsy, a seizure disorder, multiple sclerosis, spasticity, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, autism, terminal cancer, or an incurable neurodegenerative disease to access low THC cannabis to treat their symptoms.

HB 1535 Focuses on Medical Marijuana for Texas Veterans and Higher THC Limits

The new legislation, if passed, will include veterans who have PTSD or chronic pain, and people who have cancer even if it is not terminal. Expanding the list of qualifying conditions to diagnoses like PTSD, chronic pain, and nonterminal cancer is likely to reduce use of and dependence on opioids in Texas.

The bill also asks for the THC concentration limit to be increased from 0.5 percent (just barely above the qualifying classification of hemp, which is already Federally legal) to a full 5 percent.

Low THC cannabis oil at its current concentration limit of .5 percent is not much more potent than a robust full-spectrum CBD oil. Increasing THC limits to 5 percent would bring the concentration level up to something that is more equivalent to the still moderately conservative medical marijuana program in place in Virginia.

In addition to the expanded access and increased THC limits, HB 1535 calls for a committee to be formed that will research the use of medical marijuana in the state, its impact on patients and communities, and the development of operating dispensaries that will make it easier to obtain cannabis products.

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