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Texas House Approves a Bill to Allow More Marijuana Usage

On Wednesday, April 12th, 2023, the Texas House of Representatives approved a bill to significantly expand the state’s marijuana program to accommodate more users. This bill, which seeks to cater to people who suffer from chronic pain, is a significant step forward for medical marijuana advocates in the state and could have huge benefits for Texas citizens battling debilitating health conditions. Here are a few more things you need to know about the bill and how it can benefit you.

The Sponsors

Rep. Stephanie Klick, R-Fort Worth, the House Public Health Committee chairman, is the sole sponsor of the bipartisan legislation, HB 1805. This bill is an incremental improvement compared to the standing “Compassionate Use” law established in 2015, which only allows intractable epilepsy patients who have not responded to regular treatment to access low-THC cannabis oil. This, in reality, means patients with other health conditions, such as PTSD, Cancer, MS [Multiple Sclerosis], and Parkinson’s Disease, are not able to use medical marijuana even as the substance has been proven to be much more effective in helping them manage and cure these symptoms.

The Bill Is Improved to Accommodate More Patients

Unlike the “Compassionate Law”, Klick’s bill automatically qualifies patients with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Autism, ALS, Cancer, and Epilepsy as legitimate medical marijuana users. It also extended the list of qualifying conditions to patients with Chronic pain, who would normally be prescribed opioids, to be legally qualified to take up to a 10-milligram dosage of cannabis.

However, this is still subject to the medical advice of the patient's doctor. The bill, when effective, will change the restricting order of “low-THC” administrable to only epilepsy patients to a 10-milligram dosage of marijuana for a legitimate patient with any of the qualifying medical conditions.

The Potential Benefits

The bill, which has passed the representative house with 127 to 29 votes, is only faced with the ruling of the Senate before it finally becomes a law. There could be some setbacks with the bill there, because the Republican-controlled Senate is notorious for their indifference to marijuana reforms. It could take some serious convictions before the bill could pass successfully at this stage.

However, according to the bill's proponent, medical marijuana is less addictive and has minimal side effects compared to other traditional pharmaceuticals, making it safer and a more potent option for some patients. Also, economically, the use of marijuana has proven to be beneficial to states that have made it legitimate; it has created more job opportunities and has secured a significant increase in tax revenue. So adopting the program is more beneficial than it would be harmful.

Over 50,000 People Are Already Patients in the Program

Although the act will not be effective until September 1st, 2023, if it becomes a law, according to a statistic from the Department of Public Safety which oversees the online registration process of physicians who can prescribe medical cannabis, over 50,000 patients are currently using the program as of March 2023.


The bill's passage will be a great leap forward in the history of Texas as it could provide great relief for people battling with terminal illnesses such as cancer and help veterans who are major victims of PSTD. Its potency will also help manage all other qualifying conditions without serious side effects. Considering its economic and health benefits, it has more value to offer Texas residents.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card Today!

Although Texas has a medical marijuana program in place, it’s restrictive and doesn't fully meet the needs of Texas patients. However, this bill is good news! A comprehensive medical marijuana program is coming to Texas soon!

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